DP: I will not allow divisions between President Ruto and I

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua says he will not allow attempts to drive a wedge between him and President William Ruto.

Mr Gachagua on Saturday said his focus is on delivering on all mandates assigned to him by the President, including reforms in the agricultural sector such as coffee and tea crops, macadamia nuts, dairy and avocado fruits.

He said he and President Ruto are focused on the Government’s development agenda.

“The President and I are focused. I am loyal and supporting the President so that he can succeed in his agenda. The coffee debts amounting to Sh6.9 billion have been written off by the government, prices of macadamia nuts have increased from Sh30 to Ksh 130 per kilogram and reforms in avocado fruits sector are ongoing. The dairy sector is also being streamlined. We remain focused with President Ruto to push the development agenda,” he said.

The Deputy President spoke at Kutus Primary School grounds, Kirinyaga county, during a Scholarship for Orphans and Empowerment Programme in Kutus, Kirinyaga County.

He delivered the same message during stop overs at Kagumo, Kagio, Karatina and Nyeri town.

The economic empowerment program, dubbed ‘Tupange Kesho’ and started by Kirinyaga Woman Representative Njeri Maina focuses on education of the children from poor families and orphans.

The Deputy President praised the MP over the initiative describing her as a transformative and visionary leader.

“We want to use education as an equaliser of all children. I won’t join the bandwagon that is disrespecting the Deputy President. The Deputy President is a good mentor and has been mentoring young leaders and supporting their initiatives. We appreciate the work the Deputy President is doing and we will continue supporting him as Kirinyaga people,” said Ms Maina.

The Deputy President further stated that there was a scheme by people, who opposed President Ruto election, to distabilize the Presidency through political divisions. He, however, said the scheme will fail.

After the event, Mr Gachagua also addressed wananchi in Kagio, Kagumo, Karatina and Nyeri town on his way to Nyeri National Polytechnic for a youths conference.

In his remarks, he asked critics of his push for unity and fair distribution of national resources to stop confusing it with negative tribalism adding that he is also a peacemaker.

Mr Gachagua has also said his decision to work with  leaders including those affiliated to the Opposition Azimio coalition  in Mount Kenya region and retired President Uhuru Kenyatta is aimed to strengthen national unity.

He explained that his bid is to ensure there is equity in national development across the country and consolidate the Mt Kenya region behind President William Ruto ahead of the 2027 elections.

“When calling for our unity let people not equate our call for unity with tribalism. We are calling for unity because we have learnt from the past mistakes of division. When pushing for equity in distribution of national resource is to ensure there is equal development in all parts of the country and no region is left behind,” he said.

The DP was accompanied by tens of leaders led by the Kirinyaga County Woman Representative Njeri Maina, Senators Kamau Murango (Kirinyaga), Samson Cherargei (Nandi) and Wahome Wamatinga (Nyeri), Jubilee Party chairperson Sabina Chege and a host of other leaders.

Mr Gachagua also highlighted Government’s achievement to write off historical debts of Ksh 6.9 billion owed by coffee farmers.

He said the move is part of the measures being taken by the government to revival the coffee sub-sector and rebuilding of the rural economy through the Bottom-Up plan.

Mr Gachagua added that the State investigative agencies will probe claims of financial mismanagement at Mutira Farmers Cooperative society after coffee growers protested over poor payments.

Further, the Deputy President said he will not allow internal forces attempting to distabilize the Government through divisive politics to succeed in their mission.

He cautioned his critics within to guard against distabilising the  government supporting the election of President William Ruto.  “Don’t distabilise the Ruto government. Don’t forget the journey and struggles that have brought us where we are. Give us space to assist the President succeed,” said Mr Gachagua.

Without mentioning names, the Deputy President added that some of his critics in the Government made little contribution to President Ruto’s election and they did not deliver votes in their backyards to the Kenya Kwanza basket.

He, however, said he and President Ruto are focused on the Government’s development agenda.

On Mt Kenya unity, Mr Gachagua added: “I know the danger of this region being in opposition if it divides it’s votes…some people who do not understand this region claim that unity is tribalism. It is not tribal but being intelligent. Our relevance in national political discourse is based on our unity. I won’t allow it to diminish. Let people not underestimate intelligence of the people. We shall remain united”.

He also asked young leaders to disallow divisive politics and attempts to disrespect senior leaders. Mr Gachagua added that the people of Mt Kenya are nationalists and patriotic and that they will not accept divisive politics.

“As Mount Kenya people, we are patriotic nationalists not tribalists. Last election there was a candidate from Mount Kenya region and the retired President was also supporting former Prime Minister but the residents elected William Ruto to a man. We are nationalists. Many people had doubts we can elect and support someone from another region. We are not tribalists,” he added.

Leaders accompanying him praised the Deputy President saying he has performed in his mandates and duties assigned by President Ruto.

“We can see significant improvement in tea, coffee and dairy sectors following interventions by the Government through reforms driven by the Deputy President.

We support him and the work he is doing in fighting illicit brews and drug abuse. On sharing of national revenue, the DP is being misunderstood. He is saying that people should get their rightful share of the national resource. There are people misunderstanding the deputy President,” Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei said.

Nominated MP Sabina Chege, who is also Chairperson of Jubilee Party, said “the Deputy President is doing well in all his mandates and we  thank him for supporting young people and the women leaders”.

“If you touch hearts of women, they will support you and where there is unity God commands blessings. Let us work together. I plead with you to forgive the leaders speaking ill about you and disrespecting you. Even those that you supported and turned against you and are now humiliating you, please find it to forgive them,” MP Sabina Chege told the DP. Music artist Bahati was also present.

Manyatta MP Gitonga Mukunji, who is also the chairperson of Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association, lauded the Deputy President for mentoring young leaders.

“I agree with the Deputy President on so many issues especially on the fight against illicit brews and drug abuse. We urge him not to be distracted and have a razor focus. It is through God’s grace he occupies the office of the Deputy President. We must benefit from it.

We want Youth and Uwezo Funds increased to support vulnerable groups,” said Mr Mukunji.

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