June 17, 2021


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DOSBox Pure, the promise of a more modern emulation of old DOS games

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Based on the source code of DOSBox, this new version called DOSBox Pure benefits from modern functionalities (save states, etc.) and welcome ergonomic options.

If you are a fan of old PC games and you buy your titles on GOG, you have surely detected a window called DOSbox when you launch your games of Ultima VI or Syndicate. This free, open source program is implemented and preconfigured by GOG engineers, but it can also be downloaded and hacked separately.

This is what the developer Bernhard Shelling did who “forked” the source code of the program – which had not been updated since June 2019 – and launched “DOSBox Pure”. Presented as a Retroarch core for demonstration, DOSBox Pure promises modern emulation features for our old 80s / 90s titles.

These include full support for modern controllers, keyboard / mouse emulation, management of instantaneous backups / loads (” save states ”), a customizable start menu for each title, or even native management of zip archives .

If the development may seem a little outdated in a period of launch of consoles of the PS5 and Xbox Series X type, this kind of initiative makes it possible to ensure, in addition to a better playing comfort today, a certain durability in the access future to yesterday’s titles. An 18th century book always opens in the same way. A game from the 80s, no.

Bernhard Shelling is expected to release a stable and functional version of DOSBox Pure by the end of 2020.

Sources : Bernhard Shelling (Twitter) via Kotaku

Source: DOSBox Pure, the promise of a more modern emulation of old DOS games