‘Don’t trust him’: Disbelief as Joslin Smith’s stepdad speaks [watch]

Many South Africans are rubbishing the version of events made by Jacquin Appollis – the boyfriend of Joslin Smith’s mother, Kelly – after he denied involvement in her disappearance.

The Diazville man spoke to eNCA about last seeing the seven-year-old, who was placed in his care. The grade one learner went missing on Monday, 19 February.

However, the public – including a popular psychic – claims the man’s body language screams “red flag.”


Jacquin Appollis – the boyfriend of Joslin Smith’s mother, Kelly –  has denied speculation he has nothing to do with her disappearance.

Speaking to eNCA, Apollis claims he was at home and placed in care of Joslin on Monday, 19 February, the day she went missing.

Joslin was unwell and did not go to school. Jacquin claims he was “home all day” and left the child to play with a friend. He last saw her at 14: 00, he claims

He said: “She told me she was going to play with her friend. That was the last time I saw her. I’m really honest.

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He added he only became concerned about the girl’s whereabouts at 18:00 when her mother returned from work.

However, Kelly claimed a different version of events. The traumatised mom claims she did not find Joslin nor Jacquin when she arrived home at 17:00. When he did turn up; he could not account for her disappearance.

In another interview, Apollis said he did not have the “energy” to eat or drink following Joslin’s disappearance.


Meanwhile, Joslin Smith’s maternal grandmother believes that if her daughter Kelly and Jacquin Appollis are responsible for the girl’s disappearance, they should  “take responsibility.”

She told eNCA: “If there is something, they must tell the truth because I can blame him [Appollis]. Joslin was in his care.


On social media, many South Africans shared their opinions, rubbishing the man’s body language and version of events. This included claims he averted his gaze and had a “smirk” on his face.

Missing Joslin Smith

I dont trust this guy. pic.twitter.com/liUzhVNGU3

— Jenna (@jenna_original) February 27, 2024

Popular psychic Kandis Starr also analysed his body language.

She said in a video posted on his TikTok: “He’s envisioning what he’s done. He can’t hold eye contact. It’s a red flag when you’re speaking about something so serious”.

Kandis claimed Appollis was “holding the tension in his eyes.”

“It feels like his body is telling the truth, but his mouth is telling a lie,” she added.

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