Don’t respond to Presidency’s ‘diversionary’ statement on your resignation – Ndebugri advises Amidu

Private legal practitioner, John Akparibo Ndebugri has urged former Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu, not to provide any further explanation to the Presidency on the reasons that warranted his resignation from office.

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He believes, Mr. Amidu cannot be held responsible for many of the operational challenges he faced while at post.

In what he described as a “diversionary” response from the Presidency, Ndebugri accused President Nana Akufo-Addo of failing to address the main concerns of the office but rather focusing on challenges that were not the official business of the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

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Mr. Ndebugri has thus advised Mr. Amidu not to release any other response and leave the matter to rest for Ghanaians to make their own judgements on the case.

“If I were Martin Amidu, I wouldn’t respond to anything again because the President’s response did not deal with the issues raised by Martin Amidu. They were all diversionary because this business of getting a building and so on wasn’t the business of Amidu. It was the Board that was supposed to take that decision and you can’t blame Amidu for that. They concentrated so much on that when Amidu’s resignation letter had basic important issues of political interference and threats on his life which they didn’t say anything on that. So if I were Martin, I wouldn’t even respond to anything again. He should leave it at that for Ghanaians to decide who is right,” he said on The Point of View on Wednesday.

Martin Amidu on Monday, November 16, 2020, resigned from his position as the Special Prosecutor.

Mr. Amidu in his resignation letter said while he believed that he was executing his mandate independently, the reactions he has received concerning the work make him convinced that he was not expected to exercise his independence as a Special Prosecutor and that makes his work untenable.

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The President, Nana  Akufo-Addo subsequently accepted the resignation of Mr. Martin Amidu as the Special Prosecutor.

In a separate 9-page response, the President rubbished claims such as interference in the work of Martin Amidu, the Agyapa mineral royalties deal and matters arising as well as allegations of the government’s failure to provide the needed resources and funds for the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

Meanwhile, the Presidency has said, it will not issue any further statement to respond to Martin Amidu.

Director of Communications at the Presidency, Mr. Eugene Arhin, explained that the presidency is focused on delivering on its mandate to secure the votes of the Ghanaians in the upcoming December 7 polls.

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