Don’t antagonize the church, Church leaders urge the Government

Church leaders have urged politicians to respect the church and give it room to grow and regulate itself as they campaign.

Church and Clergy Association of Kenya Chairman Bishop Hudson Ndeda says the recent blanket condemnation of the Church by President Uhuru Kenyatta during the Sagana III meeting is regrettable.

“While we admit that there could be a few bad elements amongst us, the truth is that the Kenyan church and the clergy have complemented immensely government efforts in fostering peace, unity, and cohesion,” He said.

Ndeda says agencies such as EACC should without fail expose, shame and apprehend corrupt persons whether such persons are in politics or in the church.

He called on the government to instead focus on areas of synergy with the church rather than antagonize the work of the men of cloth.

While saying it’s wrong to crucify the Church, Ndeda said the Government must take responsibility on the failure to fight corruption.

“The church has no capacity to ascertain or authenticate the sources of funds flowing to it. The government must work with the church to strengthen it not weaken it,” He said.

Bishop Ndeda said the church condemns corruption and other vices bedeviling our economy and welfare as a society and called for concerted efforts from all players to eliminate the vice.

He further urged the IEBC to crack the whip on those that have and continue to contravene the integrity chapter.

“We demand from IEBC to exercise its mandate and bar the many political players that have thrived on impunity and electoral malpractices yet they are the first to get clean bill of health. The claims of rigging past and future elections, fake academic papers must be addressed,” He said.

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