Do you want to win the lotto? Here is how to win!

We have all been dreaming of winning the lottery and having enough money to be set for life. 


Especially after one person recently bagged the R100 million Powerball jackpot after numerous roll-overs. 

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And guess what? The person spent R7.50 on their ticket and selected the winning numbers using the manual selection.


To help tip the scales in your favour, here are some tips and advice on playing the South Africa lottery: 

Avoid Picking the Same Numbers as Previous Winners – Those numbers were lucky for that winner, but they’re highly unlikely to be lucky for you. The odds of the same exact set of numbers being picked again are so low you might as well count it as impossible.
Check Previous Losing Numbers – Take a look at the statistics to see which numbers haven’t been drawn for a while. Probability states that all numbers will eventually be drawn the same number of times, so if a certain number has gone a long time without appearing, it may be worth choosing it the next time you play.
Pick Both Even and Odd Numbers – When you look at the history of the South Africa lottery, you’ll see that drawings of all even or all odd numbers are extremely rare. In fact, statistics show it’s only happened in 3% of drawings. By including both even and odd numbers in your selection, you’ll have probability on your side.
Study Lotto Statistics – The numbers that come up for the lotto are randomly drawn, which means the whole game is left up to chance. But that doesn’t mean you can’t analyse the statistics accumulated over the years. When you take a look at the most (and least) commonly drawn numbers, it can give you a good idea of what numbers you should favour and which you should avoid. 

Picking numbers can often be a bit of a challenge. Did you know there is a PowerBall number generator tool? 

It generates random lucky PowerBall numbers using historical data and a special algorithm to generate as many numbers as you want.

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