DJ MO accused of sleeping with a Senior Safaricom staff to get sponsorship deals (VIDEO).

Sunday, 20 February 2022 – The drama between DJ MO and Ringtone has escalated after the controversial singer posted a video to wash his dirty linen in public.

Ringtone alleges that when DJ MO was a force to reckon with in the gospel industry, he used his influence to ask for sexual favours from upcoming gospel female singers.

Any singer who rejected his advances would be denied airplay.

Ringtone went on to allege that MO sleeps with a Senior Safaricom staff to get sponsorship deals.

MO’s beef with Ringtone started after he chased him away during Size 8’s album launch.

He accused the Pamela hitmaker of disrespecting his wife after he made reckless remarks at the album launch when he was being interviewed.

The two almost exchanged blows before the security intervened.

Below is a video of Ringtone spilling DJ Mo’s dirt.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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