Disaster in waiting as apartments discharge raw effluent into Mavoko Water bodies

Fears of an outbreak of waterborne diseases remain rife in Mavoko area of Machakos County following massive contamination of Kicheko Dam.

Unchecked discharge of raw and untreated sewer effluent from nearby apartments continues to be discharged into the open dam that remains the main source of domestic and irrigation water for area residents.

According to Moses Ochieng’, a fisherman in the contaminated Kicheko Dam, underground pipes from the nearby estates emit untreated effluent that has endangered not only humans but also marine life.

“When you get into this dam during fishing you experience unending skin irritation and rashes something that was not happening previously. Our hands are tied because we have no one to help us in cleaning the dam” observes Ochieng.

73-year-old David Mutua, a Village elder who has depended on Kasuitu dam waters for farming for the last 32 years, says the obtaining situation has persisted despite cries for help to authorities.

“We have been reporting to the authorities and they’ve never taken any action.   We are now relying on the dirty water to irrigate our farms in order to meet our daily needs “said Mutua

According to Mutua, vegetable vendors flock the farms early morning to buy their stock that is sold to the entire Mavoko and its environs.

Mutua says there is an urgent need to find a lasting solution to the problem that is now exposing their consumers to danger.

“We usually place water pipes under the vegetables to avoid splashing them with dirty water” he says.

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