Dingaan Thobela’s 14 kids reportedly at war with grandfather

Late boxer Dingaan Thobela’s 14 children are allegedly fighting with their grandfather over their father’s estate.

Thobela lost his fight to an undisclosed illness on Monday, 29 April at 57 years. He was laid to rest at the West Park Cemetery in Johannesburg on Thursday, 9 May.


Zimoja reports that late boxer Dingaan Thobela’s children and his father, Godfrey Thobela are at war over his assets.

The publication adds his 14 children are fighting to split his assets equally, while his father is allegedly taken charge of everything.

It is reported the matter is currently with the court and Thobela’s father has been handed a summons.

A family member tells the publication that Dingaan’s business The Rose Funeral Parlour, had crumbled because of his family.

“He allowed them to work with him and they opened branches for themselves, and his business suffered. His stepsiblings took over and he was left with nothing. A lot of selfish acts have happened to Dingaan and it’s time they are now exposed.” 

The family member also says Dingaan was not really broke when he died, but he was alone and heartbroken. 

“We found him after a long time because he had no one, except for his friends. Now, his dad wants to be in charge and take his assets when he has children of his own. They are the ones who are supposed to enjoy his legacy. The children are still waiting to be cleansed. All the kids want is to continue their father’s legacy. No one said he can’t get what he deserves, but he is wanting to take charge of everything.”

While Zimoja does not mention the names of the children who are allegedly at loggerheads with their grandfather. Fans of the boxer are only aware of his five children.


Sowetan reports that Dingaan Thobela has two children, a daughter called Ntombi, and a son named Dingaan Junior with his ex-wife Sandra.

The publication adds that his daughter is attending university in Spain, while it was reported at his funeral that his son is a soccer player.

Sunday World reported in 2014 that Sandra claimed Dingaan fathered three children out of wedlock with a Johannesburg woman.

His son, Dingaan Thobela Junior paid tribute to him and thanked everyone for attending his funeral and for supporting him.

“Thank you to those who showed unconditional love and support for our father. His heart was as big as his personality and touched anyone who meets him.”

Thobela’s son adds that his father’s laugh was infectious and filled the room. One couldn’t help but laugh with him. He adds that his jokes were cool and would randomly become dad jokes.

“As Dingaan Thobela, he was a father, as a rose of Soweto he was a hero. To his fans, supporters and boxing fraternity, thank you for shaping him.”


Dingaan Thobela’s ex-wife Sandra also recently told Sowetan that his children didn’t know where he lived.

Speaking to the publication, Sandra says the biggest issue was that Dingaan did not tell his children where he stayed. She told him that he must tell his children where he stays before he died.

Thobela’s ex-wife also adds that his children are not okay and she’s not okay. She will do her best to make sure that she brings his children back home.

She shares blood with Dingaan Thobela and she’s heart broken by his passing.