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Digital Learning Program levelling playing field for Kenyan students, Uhuru

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Kenya has trained over 91,000 primary school teachers on digital learning enhancing ICT skills amongst them through capacity building components.

This move according to President Uhuru Kenyatta will unveil Kenyans who are more competitive in the global economy and are able to stand on equal footing with their international peers.

Speaking at his 8th and final State of The Nation Address on Tuesday, the Head of State lauded the Ministry of Education for starting the Digital Learning Programme (DLP) back in 2013 to improve learning outcomes, while, also preparing learners to thrive in the 21st century.

“Through the DLP, public primary schools received teacher and learner digital devices, digital content servers, wireless routers, and projectors. In total, 94% of primary schools have benefited from these digital devices,” he added.

The Head of State noted that the devices were a huge boost for digital learning when COVID-19 hit, adding that they were the backbone for the continued remote learning, which ensured that our children did not fall back in their education progression.

“The impact of this DLP initiative has been evident across the country for both learners and teachers alike. Cases of absenteeism have reduced and we have witnessed an increase in the number of pupils admitted to public schools,’ he said.

On 100 per cent transition, President Kenyatta reported that Kenya has hit the mark for three successive years from primary to secondary school systems.

To further ensure that no Kenyan Child is left behind, and to effectively enhance the delivery of Compulsory Basic Education from Primary through to Secondary Schools, President Kenyatta noted that his administration had recruited an additional 107, 208 teachers; comprising of 54,775 primary school’s teachers and 52,453 secondary school teachers.

Schools have also grown at the pre-primary and primary school levels from 3,764 in 2007 to 10,118 in 2021.

“We are building an average of over 1,265 schools each year,” he said.

Additionally, since 2013 the electrification of schools has been a priority hence connecting over 90% of schools to electricity.

In conclusion, President Kenyatta noted that “at the heart of the development of the nation, is the development of a dignified Citizen. And I believe that education is the gateway to this development. A gateway that tears down inequality.”

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