Details of how disgraced Ex-TPF star DAVID MAJOR squandered inheritance left by his rich mother emerge.

Wednesday, 18 November 2020 – The internet erupted on Tuesday after it emerged that former Tusker Project Fame Contestant, David Ogola, who is popularly known as David Major, has fallen from grace to grass.

The talented vocalist was pictured in a dingy drinking den along Thika road getting wasted.

It was also reported that he sleeps in the streets after he was kicked out of his rented house and at times, he begs for money from strangers to buy food.

As well-wishers continue to sympathize with David Major, details of how he squandered inheritance left by his rich mother have emerged.

David is the son of the late author Margaret Ogola, famous for the novel, The River and The Source, which has been used as a set book in Kenyan High Schools.

When his mother died, she left a lot of wealth which was equally divided among his siblings.

Instead of using his inheritance wisely, David started living a flamboyant lifestyle.

He would occasionally fly to the UK for a shopping spree and to visit his white girlfriend.

His Instagram page is flooded with photos of lavish vacations that he used to enjoy during his glory days.


After squandering his money, he moved from a lavish apartment that he had rented in the leafy suburbs of Kilimani and started living a dog’s life.

The rich friends that he used to hang around with when he had money deserted him.

 His white girlfriend also dumped him.

At some point, David is said to have relocated to the village when life in the city became tough.

Since he was used to the city life, he came back to Nairobi and things went from bad to worse.

The former TPF star is said to have turned into a drug addict and an alcoholic after friends and family deserted him.

However, well-wishers have since come to his rescue.