Denial Of Former President Weah, Wife Access To Airport VIP Lounge Anger CDCians

Following his reported denial to access the VIP Lounge at the Roberts International Airport by the Former Liberian President, George Manneh Weah upon his return from abroad allegedly by some highest ups, some members of the former ruling party, the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) have publicly expressed displeasure over the situation.

Speaking to the GNN immediately after the incident, some top officials of the former ruling party said they are surprised of the action at the airport upon the arrival of the former President, noting that the VIP Lounge in question was constructed by the former Liberian President during his tenure as President, and wondering as to why should he be denied of the facility.

This unexpected turn of events has caused quite a stir among the public and raised eyebrows as to why he would be denied entry to a structure that he built during his tenure as President. Many are left wondering if there are underlying political motives at play or if there are other reasons behind this denial.

Regardless, this incident has sparked widespread speculation and discussion, with some questioning the motives of those in power. As the situation unfolds, the public eagerly awaits an explanation for this puzzling occurrence.

Reacting to the allegation that the current government is behind such action to denial the former President to the RIA VIP Lounge, the current presidential press secretary, Kula Fofana has clarified that the government is not in the know of what happened at the Airport with the former Liberian President

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