Dear women, these are what you should tell your men as today marks International Men’s Day

If you a woman and you have a special man in your life and you do not know what to tell him on this special occasion of International Men’s Day, you shouldn’t fret at all.

Today provides a great opportunity for you to embrace, appreciate and express profound undiluted love to your man not only in words by also in deeds.

These are some of the cute things you can tell your man.

1, I Love You

No matter how many times we’ve said it since or how long we’ve been together, we still need to say these three words regularly. Sure, we need to show it, but in a world that’s always pushing for change and the next best thing, it’s incredibly important we remind them again and again.

2, You’re My Best Friend

Best friends really are the best. They share our laughter and inside jokes, and they’re the first person we turn to when we need advice and support. When we tell our partner they’re our Best Friends, what we really mean is we trust them with our hearts, our secrets, our insecurities, and our dreams.

3, What I Love About You is…

Compliments are great, and hearing “I love you” is especially powerful. But getting specific about “why” we love someone can completely alter the dynamic of a relationship for the better.

4, I’d Rather Be With You

As much as we adore our partner, time apart is healthy. It gives us a chance to reset, focus on our goals, and to nurture other relationships in our lives. And when we tell our partners this, we show that we recognize the wonderful ways their presence improves our lives and wouldn’t have it any other way.

5, You Were Right, I Was Wrong

In relationships, disagreements are bound to happen, and if handled well, those very disputes have the potential to make our relationship stronger. Admitting we’re wrong requires character and demonstrates humility.


6, We’re In This Together

There are moments when life throws so much our way, it can feel like we’re too small to handle it. We can let them know we’re by their side and if they need anything, all they have to do is ask. This will go a long way toward solidifying our relationship and reaffirming their trust in us.

7, I’m Sorry, Can You Forgive Me?

Asking for forgiveness is vital for the healing process in any relationship since we acknowledge that we understand we acted in a hurtful manner and want to make it right. It takes a big person to admit this and a bigger person yet to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions; but rest assured, if we own up to our actions and apologize, the benefits for our partners will far outweigh the cost of wounded pride.

8, It’s Going to Be Okay

Trials and disappointments are never easy, yet even the smallest reassurance from someone we love can make everything feel manageable again. When things get hectic, hearing “It’s going to be okay” from someone you care about can be the best thing in the world.

9, I Appreciate You

Think of the last time a friend told you how much they appreciated a favour you did for them or the last time your boss congratulated you on a job well done. Didn’t that feel fantastic? Hearing that another person appreciates us is extremely validating- especially if it’s genuine and expressed at the moment it’s felt.

10, You are the best

These words help his ego and show how you regard him in high esteem. When you communicate these words to your man, it does his emotional and psychological health a great deal of good. Go tell him NOW!

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