July 24, 2021


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Dear fake hustler Ruto, keep this in mind as we enter the critical phase on the BBI process

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Regarding BBI as we enter the critical phase:

1. Any one person or group coming out to state their opposition must be challenged to stick to the issue at hand which is BBI. Keep covid-19 and economy out of it. We can chew gum while climbing the stairs. In any case referendum is a universal choice, to accept or reject.

2. Do not oppose BBI with the reason “you don’t need BBI….just implement the current constitution”. That does not qualify to be a reason because Kenyans can change the constitution any time they wish. So keep your opinion to yourself.

3. If you address specific sections, as the religious group did of the BBI report, then the person/group should be requested to BE PART OF THE SOLUTION and offer alternative proposals. Failing that, they ought to be ignored. Such people must decide whether they want to offer criticism OR a ‘critique’ of the proposals.

4. This is very important and is critical to note. Kenyans can recall the OKOA initiative and Punguza Mzigo all failed for various reasons. And perhaps other attempts that have been made at making amendments to the constitution. FACT remains: With our current political setup and architecture, and the executive’s hold on some of the levers of control, it is almost impossible for the ordinary citizens to push for constitution amendments without the blessing of the President as the executive will short-circuit the process. In other words, if there was to be any opportunity for the citizens to amend the constitution then the best time is now when the President himself is spearheading the initiative.

Should Kenyans let go off this opportunity, “because Ruto wants to be president” they will almost never again have a chance but perhaps only after Kenyans have once again butchered themselves.

This is in my view what Uhuru means whenever he says “we are in a constitutional moment”. Unfortunately, the critics in Kivutha Kibwanas, Martha Karuas, David Ndiis of this world are blissfully ignorant of this fact. They are stuck in what they were taught during the archaic Moi days that constitutions are negotiated in times of political crisis. And nothing could be further from the truth.

By Phil Wesonga via FB