DAVID NDII reveals why UDA MPs are turning against RUTO and his leadership – This man thinks Kenyans are fools

Saturday, December 2, 2023 – President William Ruto’s Chief Economic Advisor, Dr . David Ndii, has revealed the reason why some United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Members of Parliament are turning against the Kenya Kwanza Alliance regime.

Some MPs, particularly from Rift Valley and Mt Kenya regions, have publicly questioned decisions and policies initiated by President William Ruto.

Reacting to UDA MPs opposing the President, Ndii said the lawmakers are against Ruto because he has denied them government tenders.

According to Ndii, President William Ruto was making it difficult for politicians to unprocedurally award themselves tenders hence the animosity. 

“We have a bewildered lot of tenderpreneur generation MPs who thought Kenya Kwanza win was back to good old skyteam days when they would walk into a ministry, walk out with a project, walk into a parastatal walk out with a tender,” Ndii stated. 

Ndii’s remarks came days after Kapenguria MP Chumel Moroto elected under the UDA ticket remarked that he regretted voting for Ruto. 

“I am a member of UDA, and I regret why I chose it, and it may even cost me a place in heaven, I pray for forgiveness from God,” the MP regretted supporting Ruto.