November 30, 2020


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David Major, homeless TPF star, reunited with family

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A few days ago, someone highlighted the plight of former TPF star, David Major on social media. David was roaming the streets of Nairobi’s Roysambu estate. He was homeless and looked emaciated.

Alvan Gatitu a fellow TPF star has announced that a few hours after the media highlighted David’s story, he teamed up with other people to help David back on his feet.

He revealed that they managed to reunite David with his sister who has been looking for him since 2015. Alvan also revealed that they had taken him to hospital.

“We have picked him and taken him to hospital. A team of physicians and psychiatrists are looking after him. We appreciate everyone who has called asking how they can help,” the former TPF contestant posted on his social media page.

Drug addiction

Alvan said that there are several things that contributed to David’s downward spiral. He hinted that drug addiction was one of the causes.

“Lots of things have knocked David out of shape. The immediate thing he needs right now is rehab and counselling,” Alvan said.

He noted that his friends and family are working on a plan to ensure that he has something tofall back to once he recovers.  Additionally, he thanked everyone who had offered to help.

David Major is the son to the late Dr Margaret Ogola. Dr Ogola succumbed to cancer in 2011. She was a medical doctor, a human rights advocate, and an award-winning author.

David’s case is just one of the many cases where people use social media for good. In July 2020, his friend Alvan revealed that he had to spend a night in the cold after his landlord locked him out of his house for rent arrears.

When his video went viral, Kenyans came to his rescue and contributed by sending money to his Mpesa. He managed to get back on his feet and is helping those in need.

Source: David Major, homeless TPF star, reunited with family