David Isaacs discusses his directorial role in ‘Mince Jou Hare’

Actor David Isaacs who starred in Showmax’s Spinners returns as a director of Mince Jou Hare.


The popular actor and comedian David Isaacs creates a feel-good, small-town sitcom, Mince Jou Hare.

He tells Showmax that Mince Jou Hare is about one person and their pursuit of their dreams. It’s also a fun exploration of family life in modern-day South Africa.

TshisaLIVE reports that Isaacs didn’t plan to become a director and was coerced by his wife, Ndoni Khanyile.

“I was coerced into directing when I met my wife [Ndoni Khanyile, aka Barbara Bhembe from Tali’s Joburg Diary] about 14 years ago. My wife noticed that my thinking has always been inclined to be on the creative side, and she encouraged me to explore this.”

Isaacs adds that the show was fun for him to be a part of something that’s not too heavy. It gives people a breather from life. He thinks people are yearning to laugh about situations that they are used to. Whether it’s their family, their friends, the spots they find themselves in. He certainly sees that around his circles.

“I’m also always attracted to working with lekker actors. I’ve worked with a lot of the actors before or I grew up seeing them on screen, so it felt like a reunion or a homecoming of sorts. We all really just embraced each other and helped one another.”

He likes the fact that as a director he can create the conditions for people to have fun. If people have fun while doing the work, and they’re not under stress or feeling bad about themselves, generally they will get a really great project at the end.

“Especially with comedy, you want actors to be comfortable. To feel as if it is a space where they can thrive and enjoy themselves, where they will be eager to come to work. This then creates an organic comedy, because you can’t write a lot of this, you have to find it in the moment.”

Isaacs’ has been nominated for an Avanti Award as Dino in Fishy Feshuns and won an Avanti as Colin in S.O.S. The actor-director won a Kanna at KKNK for co-creating and co-starring in Joe Barber.

Showmax’s ‘Mince Jou hare’. Image supplied


Mince Jou Hare is set in the fictional town of Hex Valley in the Western Cape.

It follows Frieda played by Melissa de Vries who quits her factory job to set up a hair salon in her home.

Freda’s husband, Vincent is played by comedian Dugald Pieterse while Bianca Flanders plays her best friend, Julia.

Emile Smit portrays the role of Frieda’s love-struck neighbour, while Franka Kirby plays Freda’s daughter, Jody.

Other cast members include, Keenan Arrison, Gershwin Mias, Lee-Ann van Rooi and Euodia Samson.

Mince Jou Hare premiered on Monday, 20 May on Showmax.