CS Mutua raises alarm over Utalli College deplorable state

Tourism and Wildlife Cabinet Secretary Dr Alfred Mutua has expressed alarm over the apparent stagnation of standards and quality in the hospitality industry.

The CS says there has been a general decline in the quality of service in the hospitality sector and this does not augur well for tourism.

Dr. Mutua Thursday toured Utalii College where he witnessed the state of disrepair and neglect that had befallen the college and hotel facilities.

Leaking roofs adorned the once-vibrant restaurants, toilets stood silent in their dysfunction, and an overall air of neglect hung heavily in the atmosphere.

“As a training institution, Utalii must lead by example,” “We cannot demand excellence from others while failing to uphold it ourselves,” said Dr Mutua.

He stressed that innovation and attention to detail were paramount, asserting that some issues could be resolved with a mere shift in perspective rather than an influx of funds.

The CS said that while financial support was crucial, proactive management and a commitment to excellence were equally vital in revitalizing the institution.

Meeting with the board of Utalii College, Dr. Mutua pledged the government’s assistance in the regeneration efforts.

He urged the board to compile a comprehensive cabinet memo outlining the necessary steps to restore the college and hotel to their former glory.

“Utalii College’s training module must evolve to meet international standards,” the CS emphasized.

“We cannot afford to lag while the world progresses. Our graduates must be equipped with the skills and knowledge demanded by the global hospitality industry.”

He likened the current state of Utalii’s training to driving a vintage car in the age of modern vehicles, stressing the urgency of adaptation to remain competitive on the world stage.

Dr Mutua acknowledged that standards had risen internationally and that Kenya must rise to meet them if it wished to thrive in the tourism sector.

“If we neglect quality, we jeopardize our reputation and future success,” the CS cautioned.

“Management must address pressing issues promptly, recognizing that some solutions require more than just financial investment.”

Dr Mutua expressed his determination to support the revitalization of Utalii College.

“The journey ahead will be challenging, but with innovation, dedication, and collaborative effort, Utalii College and Hotel can once again shine as beacons of excellence in Kenya’s hospitality,” he said.

The CS was accompanied by the Principal Secretary of State Department of Tourism John Ololtuaa.

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