Creatives Garage set to host Kenya’s first digital art festival

Sondeka Alt will happen between the 5th and 8th of May.

The creatives Garage is set to host the Sondeka  festival next month and they promise that it will be a mind-blowing experience. The word ‘Sondeka’ is an urban slang word that means “create” and that is essentially how art is formed. For the longest time, Creatives Garage has preached that art should not be dictated, structured or boring; rather it should be allowed its’ freedom to morph and recreate itself to remain refreshing and authentic. Sondeka Festival therefore is an experience that brings together all forms of creativity into a single space in order to collaborate, co-create, showcase skills and social innovations for sustainable futures.

“Creativity and innovation go hand in hand like regret and hangovers” and Sondeka Alt 2021 brings these two together. It will be a three-day showcase of East African digital culture. Creatives Garage has pulled together innovators who work in augmented/virtual reality, digital art, gaming and more. The plan is to explore how these things that blow our minds, continue to shape our lives and how we interact with the world in an immersive online experience, making it perfect for those who are itching to experience a festival in these crazy times we live in.

Sondeka Alt will also feature ground breaking music and art that will “make conservative creatives weep for the good old days”.

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