January 19, 2021


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COVID-19: Adhere to SOPs to Reduce Infections among Health Workers – MoH Implores Public

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The Ministry of Health has urged the public to continue adhering to the set Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as this will boost healthcare worker’s safety and lower the chances of contracting the coronavirus.

Dr Charles Olaro, the director clinical services at the Ministry of Health said within the current phase, the fourth phase, community transmission cases are surging and this lowers the safety capacity of the healthcare workers who have to tend to the patients.

“We moved from phase 1 where we had zero cases; phase 2 with a few cases, phase 3 with clusters of cases, but we could trace where they are coming from. Now, we are in phase 4 whereby even if you get covid-19, you may not be able to know where you have got it from,” Olaro said.

“So, phase 4 means that there are high numbers of covid-19 cases in the community and if you do not abide by the Standard Operating Procedures, the risk of acquiring covid-19 increases,” he added.

He called upon the public to take individual responsibility in the fight against the pandemic.

“As the Ministry of Health, we ask for maximum responsibility on the side of everyone. We are seeing health workers dying and we want to urge the population that they should not take risk behaviour to put the life of health workers at risk.”

He stated that non adherence to the SOPs will also overwhelm the health system and in turn, those in need might not have access to healthcare services due to the unbalanced healthcare worker to patient ratio.

Currently, the cumulative confirmed Covid-19 cases of Ugandans is 16,563, 150 deaths and 8,277 recoveries.

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