Court Declines to Temporarily Release Lawyer Mabirizi

Court of Appeal judge, Justice Christopher Madrama has declined to order for the temporary release of Lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi Kiwanuka, pending the hearing of his appeal in which he challenges the High court decision where Justice Musa Ssekaana found him guilty of contempt of court.

Mabirizi through his lawyers led by Isaac Ssemakadde had filed an application to stay the implementation of Justice Ssekaana’s order to have him arrested and committed to civil prison for 18 months.

Court however ruled today that the matter of staying the arrest is already overtaken by events since the warrant of arrest was implemented and Mabirizi is already committed at Kitalya Prison.

“It’s appropriate that on the matters of seeking for your temporary release, to   apply to be released on Bail before the full bench.”

The Judge came up with this decision after Mabirizi requesting to be temporarily released by court on whatever conditions court may deem necessary since he was willing to abide with them.

Lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi being led out of court by prisons wardens

“I am a law abiding citizen, a lawyer with multiple cases pending hearing. We are going into election appeals and it will be hard to secure a full bench to hear my case; I don’t possess any passport; I have relatives willing to stand for me.” He pleaded.

However, in his application which partially succeeded, Court stayed the 300 million shillings fine which was imposed on to him by High Court for contempt.

With that decision, Mabirizi will be returned to Kitalya pending hearing of his appeal or applying for bail pending appeal before a panel of justices of Appeal.

Mabirizi was arrested early this week (22nd February 2022) on a warrant of arrest which was by High court after being found in contempt of court.

Later on he was asked to appear again in court to show cause on why he shouldn’t be sentenced to 18 months imprisonment but he didn’t show up nor give reasons according to the judge and thus ended up with that sentence in his absence.

Later on Mabirizi revealed that on the said date he was appearing before the East African Court of Justice with the Attorney General of the Republic of Uganda.

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