Cop accused of murdering girlfriend now facing more charges

Richard Smit, the Picketburg cop accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend will now face an additional four charges. Smit is accused of shooting his estranged girlfriend, Natasha Booise, in front of her family.

Will there be justice for Natasha Booise?

The shooting of Natasha Booise took place in Picketburg’s main street on the 2nd day of January.
Smit who was originally facing just three charges, now faces seven. These include murder, two charges of attempted murder and two charges of assault. He also faces a charge of handling a firearm while under the influence.

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Booise was walking with family and friends when Smit allegedly spotted her while driving down the road in his private car.

Booise is seen approaching the car on video with her friend. The two women walk away from the car before shots are fired at them seconds later. While Booise and the other women attempt to run away, a series of bullets hit Booise. The bullets were from a police firearm.

A community petition to keep Smit behind bars has already been signed close to 15 000 times.

A police nightmare

The National Prosecuting Authority says that the bail application for Smit hasn’t taken place yet, due to him changing his legal team. The cop has now brought on top Cape Town criminal lawyer William Booth.

His hearing is expected to be heard on Monday, where a date for a full hearing will be scheduled. Friends and angry community members are expected to be the in support of Natasha Booise

Other community members also remain adamant that the police officer allegedly has a history of abusing women. The state agrees, and is accusing Smit of threatening to shoot one of Booise’s female friends.

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