Controller of Budget MARGARET NYAKANG’O breaks silence on her ordeal with RUTO’s ‘goons’ – See what they did to her after the dramatic arrest?

Thursday, December 7, 2023 – Controller of Budget Margaret Nyakang’o has spoken out on her dramatic arrest and the circumstances leading to her arrest.

Speaking during an interview, Nyakang’o explained that she was playing golf in Karen on Monday before heading home.

However, after arriving at her home, she was informed by cops, who had trailed her in a vehicle, that she was required to go and record a statement with the police.

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She divulged that one of the officers even advised her to get warm clothes, an indication that the police officers were planning to hold her overnight.

Nyakang’o added that she was then escorted to the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) Banking Fraud Department. However, she did not record a statement.

“One of the officers advised me to get clothing that would keep me warm and I did not understand. I was taken to the CBK department that deals with fraud and never recorded a statement.

“The officers informed me that they had been directed to take me to Mombasa and advised my husband to head back home,” she stated.

According to Nyakang’o she was driven to Mombasa on Monday night and arrived at the Coastal city on Tuesday morning.

The CoB boss stated that they arrived in Mombasa at approximately 7:30 am.

She indicated that the detectives who had accompanied her to Mombasa then handed her over to their colleagues in Mombasa before she was presented in Court.

At the Mombasa Law Courts, Nyakang’o was charged with defrauding someone Ksh29 million.

She was also accused of operating FEB Sacco Society Limited without a valid licence from the Sacco Regulatory Authority and forging someone’s signature in 2019.