July 27, 2021


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Containment: 3 applications to have meals delivered to your favorite restaurants

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Support your neighborhood restaurants and continue to eat your favorite meals by having your meals delivered to your home during lockdown.

Bis repetita. The establishment of a new confinement was greeted like a hammer by the restorers who have already experienced a dramatic episode during the first confinement. The only difference this time around is that restaurants can remain open for take-out or delivery.

To try to support your small neighborhood restaurants as much as possible and to indulge yourself with your favorite dishes during this period of confinement, it is always possible to have your meals delivered to your home.

Here are three of the main delivery apps that will allow you to continue dining out while staying at home during lockdown.

1. Just Eat

Formerly known as Allo Resto, Just Eat allows you to order in your favorite restaurants both from a PC and from your smartphone. The platform mixes small neighborhood restaurants and large fast food chains to suit everyone’s tastes. In 30 to 45 minutes, the service promises to deliver the favorite dishes you used to eat when it was still possible to settle in a restaurant.

The application allows you to view establishments near you directly on a map. Payment from the app is completely secure. You can also opt for several solutions to pay for your order: credit card, Paypal, Google Pay and even cash directly from the delivery person.

Order your dish online on Just Eat
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2. Deliveroo


Another possible solution to have good meals delivered to your home, Deliveroo will allow you to order both in small restaurants near you and in large restaurant chains, at any time of the day, depending on restaurants open and active in the app.

When your order is placed, you will be able to follow its progress in real time as well as the arrival of the delivery person at your home. Orders made on the application can be paid by credit card, Restaurant Ticket card, Restaurant Pass Card, or even Carte Swile.

Order your dish on Deliveroo
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3. UberEats

Very similar to Deliveroo, UberEats allows you to have meals delivered to many restaurants near your home. Here too, when you confirm your order, the application allows you to follow its delivery in real time on a map. Offering both small neighborhood restaurants and large restaurant chains, UberEats is available in many cities.

Depending on the restaurants chosen, the application provides an estimate of the delivery time. You can also pay for your orders by credit card, Paypal, Ticket Restaurant Card or even Carte Swile.

Order your meal on Uber Eats
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Source: Containment: 3 applications to have meals delivered to your favorite restaurants