Construction of 5.5 billion shillings solar water system underway on Bussi island

Bussi solar powered pipes water supply system under construction. Photo via @DarausBahikire

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Wakiso district has started constructing a solar piped water supply system that will help to supply clean water to the people of Bussi Islands in Bussi sub-county of Wakiso district.

Bussi sub county is one of the lower local governments in Wakiso district that has no access to clean and safe water for the community which has exposed people to the dangers of using unprotected dirty stagnant water for home consumption.

Wakiso district water engineer, Isaac Galabuzi says that the project will cost over 5.5 billion shillings and is going to benefit the people in the islands to get clean piped water which will be supplied all over the main island for the people to get access.

Galabuzi says that implementing the whole project is going to take three years but at the end of this year, some people will be getting clean water.

Galabuzi added that they are going to supply water even in the other islands like Zzinga, Kavenyanja, Kituufu, Balabala that make Bussi sub-county.

Wakiso has 4,286 domestic water points which serve a total of 1,064,631 people, 712,981 of them in rural areas. Over 733 water points have been non-functional for over 5 years and are considered abandoned.

Galabuzi added that one major challenge has been transporting the machines to the islands which is very expensive, this is why they have taken long to serve the people.

Stanley Kabuye, the chairperson of Bussi sub county has asked residents to handle the facility with care so that they can benefit from it for a long time.

Michael Wasswa, a resident of Bussi says that they have been moving long distances to collect water yet the water they have been taking is dirty water and has the assurance that the water they are going to get is going to be of good use to the community.



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