Confessions of Kenyan cult member on how Instagram is used to win souls

An influential Nairobi woman who claims she was part of a cult has confessed and outlined how she ws used as a vessel to win souls for the devil.

The only reason she is speaking out now is because she was delivered from the claws of the evil one by Televangelist T. B Joshua.

“That man is a man of God and I am speaking from experience. This man delivered me from darkness. I was in the hands of satan and had sold my soul to him. I had two demons living in me. One was the queen of the coast and the other the king of the sea. Do you see these beggars you give money to on the street? Think twice before you remove money to give to them. Do you see these accidents that happen on the roads? Think twice before you say the driver was at fault or the car was faulty. Do you see these people who ‘drug’ you and you go to the ATM and you give them all your money? Think again. That was not being drugged my dear friends. Do you see these people you see on the street wearing very nice clothes or nice hair or good makeup and you get the urge to ask them where they bought these clothes or that phone or that foundation or that lipstick? Think twice before you ask. And do you see the people you see in your church every Sunday? Think twice before you think they are all Christians.”

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After posting the warning on Facebook, the former cultist went ahead to narate how they use social media to lure you into the devil’s claws.

“I am a young grandmother. I am 42 years old but I have a grandson. I was initiated into a cult when I was 25years old. I gave out my child who was 9 months at the time. I wasn’t married then. My baby daddy didn’t want anything to do with me and the kid and I didn’t love the kid anyway. I will not go into details of how I was initiated into the cult and the process but my baby mysteriously disappeared after the pact. I woke up in the morning to find the child gone but I always believe my first baby is out there somewhere.

After a week money started trickling in. I was selling second hand shoes at the time and the business wasn’t doing too well but after that one week I don’t know where the money was coming from and I was overwhelmed. I got orders from as far as Lebanon, USA, Australia and Dubai. People wanted me to supply them with shoes but they were taking them to orphanages and schools for the needy. My Gikomba shoes were making me bank 400k a month.

I was living in a bedsitter in Kawangware and in a month I had moved to Kileleshwa. I bought a car, bought land. I wasn’t in good terms with my mother and father at the time and I have no siblings I am an only child. My mother only asked once about the baby and then never asked again. Anyway, I move to Kileleshwa and opened two shops in town and in Mombasa.

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After about six months I remember my watchman brought me a letter. It was handwritten and had instructions. I was supposed to bathe with some stuff that were listed (I will not mention them) and do a ritual with my blood (I will not say how) and wash my clothes with a solution that I had made with my blood. I did as I was told because I knew where the instructions had come from. I did as I was told that night.

The next day I left the house as I had been instructed and went to sit at Archives to beg (those were the instructions). I sat down and stretched out my hand. It was 8 am in the morning and many people were going to work. Almost everyone was giving me money in notes and not coins. I could see the people who were giving me money had a black dark eyes. Not white with black pupil. Extremely dark eyes. Those who didn’t give me had normal eyes. The ritual I had done on my clothes and worn them made me look crippled. I didn’t have one arm. It seemed cut off. They saw me crippled but I was not. I could see my two arms pretty well. Everyone who put money on my hand was giving me their good luck, health and happiness.

The next instructions that came was going to the churches and bringing in more luck, happiness and health. I would sit in the middle of the church and not at the front or back. Before I sat I would make sure I greet as many people in the church with my hand. Being in more contact with as many people as possible made me wealthier, stronger and loved.

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Everyone wanted to be associated with me. My business was made stronger and everyone lovede and loved talking to me. I was extremely beautiful. I was lightskinned, had the curves and I had a bust to die for. Of course I did surgery but you couldn’t tell. Every woman and every man wanted to be associated with me. Everyone loved me. I had many friends. Women and men. I had money and I would hold parties in my house. Almost every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I had these people in my grasp and most would complain later about how things were not going on well for them. Some later became bankrupt and broke and had to depend on my money but my money came with a price and they didn’t realize it. Some lost children and some died. Fill in the spaces. 

I had one best friend. Her name was Linda. She was beautiful and sexy. Good soft skin and had potential but one day I seduced her and slept with her (what bisexuals and lesbians do) and that’s where I took her beauty and her luck. After our night together, her life changed and she didn’t realize it. People didn’t like her. Men never looked at her twice. She lost her job, she couldn’t pay her house anymore. She became thin. She moved in with me but I knew the plans I had for her. I took everything from her. I know many will doubt here but people perish due to lack of knowledge. Life isn’t as simple as ABCD. It’s as complicated as STUV.

I won’t talk about the accidents on the roads. Mtaji jazia tu my friends. I will only talk about those people you stare at in town and get the urge to ask what they are wearing and what lipstick they have on to the point that you borrow it to use.

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I used to carry my lipstick with me everywhere I go. If I wore pink lipstick I would have it in my bag and when someone asked ‘what’s that lippie you have on? It’s so gorgeous’ I would tell them it’s not found in Kenya and I would offer to give them mine which I would say I only used once which was true because I would only apply it once so that you notice it and ask for it. Next day I would apply red and give out, other day another color and give out too and the next day another color and give out. If I gave you you wouldn’t refuse to take it. Same with cutex, handbags, mascara, eyeshadow and those other sharable things.

Perfume I used to use it on men. I spray a bit on my neck and whichever man I looked at would be on me like a leech. Those I employed in my shops never quit their jobs. They all loved me and called me their 2nd mother. I paid them well, gave them allowances, paid their kid’s school fees, did shopping for them but they repaid me one way or another. Everything had a price to pay. I know half of you have seen me in the newspapers, magazines or TV. Mimi sio mchache.

When in the cult there were different levels on how to get money. The lower the level, the lower the amount of money you got through winning souls. Posting pics on facebook and instagram and letting people type something was something we used. But we went through comments and spotted a name then went to their profile to see what they were about and their names. We made chants and appeared to them in their dreams taking something in their life later. With pseudos it was a bit difficult because the names weren’t real. 

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Our leaders are the ones that used TV programmes and accidents to get soula coz it was something strong and high above. They mostly did that in the month of August and December. They would send someone at night to walk across the road when a public vehicle was passing or someone would touch the vehicle somewhere whether in traffic or in parking but mostly it would be at the offices of these long distance vehicles.

Accidents were where most souls were won.. TV programmes were used using the pastors programmes that were aired on TV. They would preach but what they would preach had a hidden meaning and the congregation would never notice. Same with these churches. Our leaders built houses and collected souls through offerings cause that money would have come in contact with the person giving it and that was best.”

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