‘Cocaine drop-off zone’? Get your fix with these CT road signs


In a last-ditch effort to curb the alarming increase of drug dealers in the quiet residential suburb of Rosebank, in Cape Town, a fed-up resident erected some tongue-in-cheek road signs “welcoming” drug dealers.

‘Wholesale dealing’ in quiet streets of Rosebank

“There were always two vehicles, each with two people inside, and large packages were being exchanged,” the man — who prefers to remain anonymous — told Business Insider SA.

“This was wholesale dealing, not retail.”

The man said that the final straw was when a dealer “flipped the bird” at residents filming him and swerved his vehicle at a pedestrian in early October.

The resident laid a charge of attempted murder after which the police arrested a dealer cruising the neighbourhood with 17 packages of cocaine and a large amount of cash in his car.

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Signs of the times: ‘We’re watching you even if police aren’t’

“There was lots of complaining, but it becomes background noise and doesn’t achieve much,” the man is quoted as saying in the publication.

“Using humour, though, is very South African, and I thought it was a way of letting the dealers know, ‘We’re watching you even if the police aren’t’.”

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Watch: Inspiration for ‘drug dealer’ signs

The man got the cunning plan to have the signs made from a YouTube video about a similar initiative in Tower Hamlets, London.

‘Visible policing’ pays off

One of the signs meant to deter dealers from the area, is for a “Cocaine Drop-off Zone” while the second sign requests drivers to “Give way to oncoming drug dealers”.

A sign in Rosebank, Cape Town, asking requests drivers to ‘Give way to oncoming drug dealers’. Image: Coral Gardiner and Candice-Lee Kannemeyer

Rosebank resident Coral Gardiner praised the initiative as “such a clever way of bringing this issue to people’s attention, and whoever’s responsible is probably fed up of residents looking the other way”.

Another resident, Candice-Lee Kannemeyer, told the publication that fewer dealers have been spotted in the area since the signs went up about two weeks ago.

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