Coalition AGREED in Tshwane: These six parties are set to govern the metro

After a long, long wait, South Africa finally has movement on the governance of its metros. Tshwane looks set to become the first of five hung mega-cities to unveil a formed coalition, after a collective of parties reached an agreement on Friday – and the shared goal of keeping the ANC out of power appears to have been achieved.

Tshwane nears coalition agreement – but who will take charge?

The deal is not quite done yet, but in a statement issued on behalf of the six political parties involved, the coalition is in the final stages of establishing a council fit to run Tshwane. The DA will lead the region with their mayoral candidate, receiving support from ActionSA, FF Plus, UDM, Cope, and ACDP…

“The political parties expressed their appreciation to residents of these Metros for their patience in the midst of finalizing these complex negotiations. Members of the media are requested to afford the political parties concerned the space required to finalize these discussions and communicate the outcomes of such before councils convene.”

Joint statement from the Tshwane coalition partners

DA to control Pretoria once more… with a little help

According to the statement, the six parties were able to find common ground on service delivery and ‘arresting the decay’ of standards in government. The decision to back a DA mayoral candidate was also unanimous – the party did, after all, win the most votes out of all its coalition partners, claiming 32% of the ballots cast.

The ANC got the backing of 34% of the public, but they have failed to find enough support to form their own coalition. Instead, a DA-led government will claim a majority of available seats – should these discussions end amicably.

“The discussions were constructive and the parties agreed that in the interests of the future of South Africa it is important to form stable governments which are serious about service delivery and arresting the decay of local government.”

“As far as the Tshwane Metro is concerned the parties agreed to form a coalition government and support the mayoral candidate of the DA. The DA took a principled decision at their Federal Executive that where they secured the majority of votes amongst opposition parties, they will put forward their mayoral candidate.”

Joint statement from the Tshwane coalition partners

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