Claims About Viral Disease in Unvaccinated Dogs Refuted

Assumptions on social network sites about the outbreak of canine distemper, a highly contagious viral disease spread among unvaccinated dogs have been refuted by the Canine Association Uganda

The organisation, in a statement issued on Tuesday termed this as false information, stressing that it was merely a bacterial infection, as confirmed by the laboratory team at Makerere University.

“As an organization primarily concerned with dog welfare, our duty was to check with the authorities, and we found that the information shared on social media is utterly false. The proof these individuals use to cause panic is a laboratory report from Makerere University CoVAB Laboratory, which points to a severe bacterial infection, and not canine distemper,” they noted.

The organisation further revealed that Uganda are very few and exclusive to unvaccinated neglected dogs, and tasked all dog owners in Uganda to follow vaccination protocols to keep their dogs safe from transmittable and preventable diseases.

“We also urge dog owners to consult veterinary doctors regarding their dogs’ health and wellbeing- Do not administer any treatment without the veterinary consultation and prescription.

The wellbeing of our dogs should be the primary agenda, not spreading of false information and deliberate spreading of panic ahead of the Second National Dog Show, slated for 19th March 2022. Dogs give us unconditional love, and we must be able to give love and proper care in return,” they noted.

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