Chinese investors mull plans to establish industrial park in Kilifi

China plans to build a museum and an industrial park at ancient historical Mamburui Village in Kilifi County in honor of a Chinese sailor who docked in the area 600 years ago.

Kenyan envoy to the United Republic of Tanzania Dan Kazungu said the Chinese Chamber of Commerce is keen to trace their history in the country which is proof that Kenya China relations and trade links have existed for many centuries.

It is believed that the historical site is where a Chinese fleet of ships captained by the great Chinese sailor Zheng docked at Mamburui near Malindi in Kilifi county in 400 AD.

Speaking after touring the area today Morning Kazungu said the Chinese Chamber of Commerce is planning to send a delegation to the historical site before embarking on a mission to build the museum and the Industrial Park to honor the great sailor.

Kazungu further said the Chinese are keen to make Mamburui and Kilifi County part of their tourism circuit as part of celebrating their centuries-old heritage in the region.

“It’s very significant that we got a chance to be here today because I have been talking to some friends from China chamber of commerce who are thinking of coming to see for themselves the route that the great sailor Zheng took from China to come and dock here in Malindi during those early days of trade and exploration,” he said.

He said the Chinese Chamber of Commerce wants to come and visit the area to see what they can do to develop further the China Kenya heritage that spans centuries.

Kenya High Commissioner to Tanzania Dan Kazungu while speaking to journalists in Kilifi County. PHOTO | KBC

The Kenyan High Commissioner to Tanzania said it was interesting that the Chinese want to come and explore the area and see the route their forefathers used when they were exploring that part of the world.

He said building a museum would be a huge milestone in the promotion of tourism, culture, Kenya China relations which has served the country very well over the decades.

Kazungu said when the Industrial Park is established it will be a huge milestone for the economic aspect of Kilifi county.

“This is a place of tourism, it’s a place of culture it’s a place of economic development so when I got a call from my friends from China who are keen to bring this kind of development to our region, I thought its important to come and see on my own this historical site,” he said.

He said he will soon be beholding talks to see how soon they can bring the delegation to the site.

The former Mining Cabinet Secretary who also served as Malindi MP said during his initial meeting they told him most Chinese usually tour Maasai Mara Game Reserve but with the idea of establishing the museum, it would attract Chinese tourists to the area.

“It’s a great place we have seen for our selves we are rediscovering history we are rediscovering our heritage and we are encouraging our Chinese friends and tourists to come and see for themselves how they are connected to Africa, how they are connected to Kenya,” he said.

Kazungu called on youths to take advantage of the technical institutions such as Weru Vocational and training college to enroll in courses so that projects such as the industrial park can offer them job opportunities when the time comes.

He was accompanied by Idriss Maalim the personal assistant of Magarini member of Parliament Michael Kingi, his PA Emmanuel Nzai, and some local community members.

Maalim said they are happy to hear that the Chinese have those plans to build a museum and industrial park saying it would spur economic growth and promote tourism.

He said the Ocean has enabled Magarini and Kilifi county people to be lucky as it has enabled them to have a history that dates back to centuries ago.

Apart from Chinese, he said there have also been Persians who still have their great-great-grandchildren, Arabs who still have families who visit from Qatar and Oman to trace their routes.

“I am very happy to host the Ambassador Dan Kazungu who came with the good news that Chinese chamber of commerce wants to tour the area and see their great sailor who docked there and open a museum and an industrial park,” he said.

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