October 28, 2021


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Chicken Licken slams fake Facebook account with ‘racist’ taste in jokes

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A fake Chicken Licken account has popped up on Facebook and is wreaking all kinds of havoc for the popular fast-food company. Despite the fact that it’s a fake account, it has already amassed 16 000 followers and at the same time, upset a whole lot of people with its discriminatory posts.

Fake Chicken Licken account upsets the masses

Chicken Licken has built itself a reputation for hilarious adverts and jokes over the years.

People have become accustomed to what currently seems to be a trend of usually very crass marketing material from various food outlets such as Chicken Licken and Nandos — so much so that one fake Chicken Licken account has duped thousands of people into believing its real.

The fake account in question has however taken things too far after making a considerably derogatory stereotype while referring to South African coloured people.

The ad that was posted on the fake account reads:

“Coloureds this is for you because you don’t have teeth to chew Bones.”

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Local journalist Robin Adams quickly headed to Twitter where he made Chicken Licken aware that its name was being tainted by a fake account holder while adding that he doesn’t believe the account is real for one second.

I don’t believe this for one moment.
Fake news. Must be!
Right @ChickenLickenSA?
Mense trying to drag your good name through the mud.
cc @GasantAbarder @hearrtallowed @HeartFMNews https://t.co/PlqWMxl7bx

— Rrrrobin Adams (@RobinAdamsZA) October 13, 2021

Chicken Licken distances itself from the fake account

After spotting the tweet, Chicken Licken immediately confirmed that it was indeed a fake account:

“Hi Robin, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

“This is from a fake account and not our official Facebook account, we’ve reported the page and kindly request that you help us by reporting it too.”

Important notice #ChickenLickenSA pic.twitter.com/4LTgTYRpa9

— Chicken Licken® (@ChickenLickenSA) October 13, 2021

Unfortunately, not many are aware that it is in fact a fake account and have already expressed outrage towards the derogatory ad. A quick scroll through the comment section of the post reveals that a number of people find the ad quite problematic.

Netizens are outraged

Brittany Vezasie said:

“This is very offensive chicken Licken as for me and my family we will never support u again.”

Mussa Ismail said:

“I’m not supporting Chicken Licken no more, stop wanting to be like Nando’s jy sal jou self vas loop.”

While Terrence Lvdwig Mfiso wrote:

“This is absolutely degrading. I love humour but it has to have limits… Not funny at all but rather offensive.”

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