Cheddar: Sabotage won’t derail my presidential aspirations

Nana Kwame Bediako, the founder of the New Force Movement, has expressed his determination to advance his political agenda, undeterred by potential obstacles.

During an interview on Citi TV’s Face to Face, with Umaru Sanda Amadu, Kwame Bediako popularly known as Cheddar conveyed his indifference towards potential personal attacks, emphasising his focus on transforming the nation.

The Independent Presidential Candidate stated, “I would like to see the young people of today that they should grab that courage that I have to be able to stick my neck out and say I’m going to stand for this.

“Of course, I know I will be attacked, sabotaged or whatever, but I’m still going ahead because I stand for the youth. And I believe that I have something to make this country a better country and develop people in a better way.”

He refrained from revealing the financial investment in his campaign, including the cost of his widespread billboards.

“I don’t need to tell Ghanaians that this is how much I have invested in my campaign. The people of Ghana don’t go around disclosing the funds of what they do,” he retorted.

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