Centurion property belonging to the Bushiris forfeited to the State

Self-proclaimed Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary’s property in Midstream, Centurion has officially been forfeited to the State. This after the pair broke bail conditions by skipping the country for Malawi nearly a week ago. The couple were also meant to appear in court on Thursday 19 November 2020 but failed to do so which also contributed to Magistrate Thandi Theledi’s final decision. 

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National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) National spokesperson Sipho Ngwema welcomed the decision of the court and said the NPA has confidence in the ability of the legal processes to bring the Bushiris back to South Africa to face justice. 

“The two fugitives can run but can certainly not hide. They are not off the hook,” said Ngwema. 

“One of the bail conditions for the Bushiris was that if either one of them does not appear in court for the proceedings of this matter, their 1585 Midstream state will be deemed forfeited to the state,” added Ngwema. 

“Today the state submitted an application for the property to be forfeited to the state. The court granted the states application and the R6m property was forfeited to the state,” he added. 

The couple’s bail of R200 000 each has also been forfeited. 

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According to Nation Online, three more lawyers have left the Bushiris legal team. The lawyers are Allan Chinula SC, Lusungu Gondwe and Noel Chalamanda. Earlier Khumbo Soko also confirmed that he is no longer representing Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary.

While the Bushiris were not present in court, their co-accused Willah Mudolo, Zethu Mudolo and Landiwe Ntlokoane were in attendance. Ngwema said the matter was postponed to 3 December for the continuation of Willah’s bail application.

“The defence asked for [a] postponement in order for them to transcribe the previous proceedings,” added Ngwema.

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While the Bushiris may have been a no-show in court on Thursday, their bail hearing, according to SAFM News in underway in Malawi. This, after the couple handed themselves over to authorities on Wednesday 18 November. 

“The bail hearing of self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary is currently underway in Lilongwe, Malawi. The couple who stand accused of fraud and money laundering handed themselves over to police yesterday,” SAFM News said. 

Bushiris took to social media last week Saturday saying that they did not run away. He said he and Mary are merely making sure they receive a fair and just trail – something he believes they would not receive in South Africa. 

On Wednesday at an Investment Conference, President Cyril Ramaphosa could not escape questions about Bushiris. He said he was awaiting a report and that the entire saga is of great concern to everyone. 

“I’m waiting on a report, a detailed report on the whole Bushiri saga which I will get and then we’ll see what action needs to be taken because it should never have happened the way it did and so either tomorrow or so, I’ll be getting a report,” he said.  

“We are going to take action, that’s for sure,” he added.