Celebrating fatherhood: Lessons, hopes, and inspirations

Celebrating fatherhood: Lessons, hopes, and inspirations

Father’s Day has evolved. It now honours not only traditional fatherhood bonds but also celebrates powerful, positive male influences in our lives.

This day isn’t just for us to appreciate these father figures; it’s also for them to reflect on their roles in shaping lives.


They do this both within and beyond the traditional nuclear family, according to Live Mint.

For many, Father’s Day is a special celebration of the bond between fathers and their children.

It’s about passing on lessons from one generation to the next.

Take Macfarlane Moleli, a presenter on Carte Blanche. His father instilled in him a passion for education.

“My father was always passionate about education,” Macfarlane says. “He made us read from a very young age.

Fortunately, my sons have found the same love and passion for reading.”


His father’s name was Tsebo, meaning ‘knowledge’ – a fitting legacy.

Govan Whittles, another Carte Blanche presenter, credits his father with teaching him faith and humility, according to Herald Live.

“My father taught me to be a follower of Jesus Christ and about the South African liberation struggle,” Govan shares.

“I learned to respect my elders, stay humble, and accept my responsibilities with grace and determination.”

Suidooster’s Theodore Jantjies (Aiden) learned respect and humility from his father.


“My father inspired me to make a change in the world through conversations with friends and family,” he says.

“He instilled hope in the hearts of our youth and showed determination and hard work.”

Moshe Ndiki, star of Life with Moshe, didn’t have a relationship with his father growing up, according to IOL.

This absence taught him the importance of a paternal role model.


“I felt the hurt and pain of not having my father around,” Moshe says. “His absence motivates me to be there for every aspect of my children’s lives.”

Ewan Strydom, presenter of Bravo and Plaasjapie, learned the value of hard work from his father.

“My Dad taught me to put my head down and equip myself to be my best,” Ewan says.

“I strive to make a difference in even one person’s life through what I do.”


These fathers share a common hope for their children’s future: kindness and compassion.

Moshe wants his sons to be kind and considerate men. “I want them to be successful in the right way – by being kind,” he says.

“You don’t need to stab anyone in the back to get to the top.”

Macfarlane hopes his sons will meet their full potential by being kind and loving.

“I want them to be helpful to others and know that they are loved by their Dad,” he says.


“Despite everything the world can throw at them, they can always find solace in prayer.”

Theodore adds humility to his hopes for kindness.

“I hope they grow up to be humble individuals who pursue their passions and make a positive impact in the world,” he says.

Ewan wants his sons to be strong, independent men.

“I want them to make their way with their heads held high and showing respect for others,” he says.

Whittles dreams of his children being kind, strong in faith, and fighting for justice.


“I also hope one of them records a hit reggae album and perhaps leads a revolution,” he says with a smile.

As fathers reflect on their roles, they also think about their legacies.

“I want my kids to know that I love them and live every day for them,” Macfarlane says.

Theodore hopes his sons remember him as a present father and friend.


Moshe wishes to be remembered for his love, kindness, and hard work.

Ewan wants his sons to see him as the best Dad they could have asked for. Govan hopes to be remembered as a man of God and a storyteller.

To all fathers and father figures, Happy Father’s Day.

Celebrate the lessons learned, the hopes for the future, and the power of fatherhood.