Ceepass launches agribusiness digital bank

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The advent of Ceepass has been hailed as a landmark development, marking the first time a bank is pragmatically focused on the growth and development of farmers and other stakeholders in Nigeria’s agribusiness community.

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Ceepass.com is a digital bank duly registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and which works in partnership with the Central Bank of Nigeria-licensed banks to provide instant loans to farmers without the usual encumbrances of providing collaterals and another time-wasting requirement.

“We are giving small-holder farmers an opportunity to grow their farms,” said Adama J Adama, CEO of the digital banking platform.

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Disclosing further how Ceepass is boosting agricultural business in the country, he said: “We are already known for our successful contract farming business which we do through Farm4Me (our agritech firm) and Viable X, our produce export financing scheme.

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“Now, through this new platform individuals or groups can invest in either of the two agribusinesses and expect profit in the range of 32 per cent to 73 per cent.”

This news is coming from Adama, who has already proven himself as a leading Agribusiness Entrepreneur with two critically acclaimed digital platforms, viz Farm4Me, the No 1 Agritech company in Nigeria renowned as the largest contract farming service in the country, and Viable X, the innovative agribusiness platform hailed for its far-reaching impact in the country’s agriculture sector.