CCEDU Condemns Bobi Wine Arrest, Police Brutality on Protesters

Following the arrest of the National Unity Platform Flag bearer, Robert Kyagulanyi and subsequent protests in many parts of the country, the Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU) has come out to condemn police brutality on the protesters.

Charity Kalebo Ahimbisibwe, the CCEDU Executive Director expressed dissatisfaction with the deaths and human rights violence cases that are dominating and have dominated Uganda’s elections.

“It is absolutely unfortunate with the events that have unfolded on the political scene. It is sad that Ugandans have lost their lives in an electoral process. If you look at the Ugandan elections from 2001, 2006, 2011, 2016 and now 2020, it has been a series of bloodshed,” she said.

Ahimbisibwe bemoaned what has come to be “business as usual” as concerns the electoral process; “which is unfortunate because elections are supposed to be civil matters.”

“We reach out with heartfelt condolences to every Ugandan who has lost a relative today, and those who have been affected by tear gas or in any way. With all humility and pain in our hearts, as CCEDU, we reach out to them with condolences. But we also reaffirm our commitment to continue promoting electoral democracy. We shall document these ills and produce them in courts of law,” she said.


Ahimbisibwe also argued that it would be better to suspend elections and save people’s lives.

“It doesn’t help any Ugandan when any of us is lost because of an election. We need each other and we must move forward in peace,” she said.

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