Carrefour Accused of poor services, is the huge supermarket falling

Dear Carrefour Kenya @carrefour Kenya City Mall

I was happy when you guys came to town . Mombasa.

You need to realise that service is key always and not some of the time. I am also in service industry but when I come to your place I am your client.

With French heritage you make great Croissants and bread sadly you never seem to have enough stock.

You go in the morning, you are told we are yet to bake . You try in the afternoon you are told oh sorry we are sold out .

If your bakery pastry outlet is not able to handle basics including bread and on a weekend then simply close it down. A less enthusiastic staffer just told me our machine has broken down . Seriously? As a hotelier plan B is always a must.

Staff attitude is also key….I dont see the warmth and willingness to help clients . While I have enough carry bags once I a while I may ask for an empty carton and your staff are quick to unleash NO we dont have as an answer. You can clearly tell they are NOT even making any attempt . Staff at Naivas Nyali will go up and down to help.

You also need to learn from Chandarana while none of all the existing supermarkets would ever touch Nakumatt. The staff at Nakumatt were simply from another planet, maybe they spoilt us and they were simply ahead of their time.

A puller to your outlet was of course the bakery and now that nothing is ever certain I will sadly not be coming back and I thought I should let you know.

I wanted to formally raise it at the counter but again I found a less interested staff at the counter so I opted to leave .

I believe in feedback so these days we have plenty of avenues to do that and thank God we have FB and other platforms. Foe my business I personally monitor what my Kings & Queens My Customers are saying .

Well there you have it and good luck in Mombasa

Mohammed Hersi

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