‘Career over?’: Fans are worried Israel Matseke-Zulu won’t land any roles

Viewers of Mzansi Magic’s telenovela, Gomora are devastated that actor Israel Matseke-Zulu, who played Don, has lost his leg following his struggle with gangrene.  

Matseke-Zulu allegedly had his right leg amputated two weeks at a Sandton hospital according to close sources.

It is reported that Israel Matseke-Zulu’s leg has been amputated at a hospital in Sandton due to gangrene.

Israel is said to be recovering and is with his loved ones. pic.twitter.com/eVRTI57AK1

— Musa Khawula (@khawula_musa) December 12, 2021


The Gomora star Israel Matseke-Zulu revealed in several interviews that he could no longer walk and was using a wheelchair and crutches.

Sunday World reported yesterday (12 December) that the actor had a leg operation a few weeks ago and had his leg amputated.  
Fans of the award-winning thespian are now worried about his acting career and are wondering if he’d be able to bag roles after losing his leg.   
Sources from Gomora also stated that producers might bring Don back after he fully recovers from his leg operation.
Viewers of the show have also requested for his return and have stated that the telenovela is dull without him.  
Matseke-Zulu also confirmed he had a leg operation to the publication last Friday (10 December).   
He asked Gomora producers to let him go and exited the show so that he can concentrate on his health.

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His career is not over yet , only if he doesn’t lose hope

— Tshiamo Ngoma (@NgomaTshiamo) November 22, 2021

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“Let’s appreciate him while he’s still alive and one of the coolest guys I got a chance of meeting.”

It’s a shame he had ad to pause his acting even. 

“We wish him a speedy recovery.”  

“Now I feel bad that I hated his character on Gomora, what if it’s the last role?”  

“Wish him a speedy recovery. And a young dance on his Birthday.”   

“The tweets about Ntate Israel Matseke-Zulu are breaking my heart.”

“Wherever he is and with what is happening in his life, wishing him a speedy recovery.”

“Will they hire him again with one leg. I’m worried.”  

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my grandmother had gangrene 3 years ago. we watched her flash rotting, veins and the bone visible to the naked eye. it was horrifying. She died after amputation. We later learned that there’s a Dr in Springs who specialise with dat….a little too late

— MadamZo (@Zodwam1) December 13, 2021


Matseke-Zulu was introduced to audiences as Teddy (Siceleo Butheledzi) and Sibongile’s (Nandipha Khunoe) biological father on the show. 

He conceived Teddy with Zodwa (Sannah Mchunu) and then left them to go live with a wealthy woman.  

Don only returned to Gomora because his wealthy wife (Sibongile’s mother) passed away.  

Sibongile’s mother’s family claimed back the houses and the cars since they were all in her name.  

The father and daughter were homeless, needed a place to stay and lived with Zodwa and Teddy .

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We wish him a speedy recovery. pic.twitter.com/UGXKbb0lxF

— Mfundo Ntoni (@MfundoNtoni_RSA) December 13, 2021

This … pic.twitter.com/fDgq6AWPRn

— Tshiamo Ngoma (@NgomaTshiamo) November 22, 2021

I took my mom to that Springs Dr last month and she helped. She uses natural herbs.

— Nokuthula (@NokuthulaPlatty) December 13, 2021

Voooooootsek!!!!your rubbish , your parasite . So much talent in 1 man pic.twitter.com/moQtLsHarq

— The great R (@RamovhaThe) December 12, 2021

Eish is sad,may God help him to recover on this, hope the industry will continue supporting him to showcase his God given talent no matter his circumstance. pic.twitter.com/v4AQGhyOYY

— khalanga_Thevu (The Commenta) (@thebulation) December 12, 2021

I hate diabetes, it is the cause of this. A friend’s mother just had second amputation due to this gangrene, I also had to Google to see what this infection does

— PATCO LOGISTICS (@PatcoLogistics) December 13, 2021

Aow banna. Was that thing that serious .

Aw banna. I wish him Speedy Recovery

— Lezothi (@LikeRuriNow) December 13, 2021

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