Campus-based Student Unification Party Gives the University of Liberia Ultimatum to Renovate Structures Its Main Campus

MONROVIA – The Student Unification Party (SUP), a campus-based students’ movement at the University of Liberia has threatened unspecified actions if their demand for the renovation of the university’s campuses cannot be met by the university’s authority.

SUP, in a press conference headed by its chairman, Mustapha Kanneh, on Monday, launched the #FIXTHEUNIVERSITY Campaign, an endeavor geared toward pressuring the university’s authorities and the Liberian government to ensure the nation’s premium institution of tertiary education is renovated to an appreciable standard.

It can be recalled that the issue of renovation work at the university was among many issues raised by the University of Liberia Faculty Association (ULFA) during a strike action last academic semester in January.

The group, through its chairman, Mustapha Kanneh, said they will resist any attempt by the University of Liberia headed by Dr. Julius Nelson in an attempt to open the school without fixing the university.

“The Vanguard student unification part promise unspecified actions against the Rev. Nelson-led administration at the University of Liberia and commits to resist any attempt to reopen the school without carrying out renovations to improve electricity, pipe-borne water facilities, internet service, and a conducive learning environment,” SUP Chairman said during the press conference.

“We will not return to a university that lacks good bathrooms, a condition that has forced the students, especially females, to use the bushes to ease themselves and where the administration has overly politicized the system thus implementing political mandates on the campuses. Without these services outlined, one can only be left to believe what is offered at the university is the shadow of education and not education in essence,” he added. 

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