Byamukama Dares USPA Gong After Impressing at 1st Beach Woodball Circuit

Ndejje Corporate’s Byamukama Bridge Kwijuka returned 36 strokes from 12 gates to clinch the senior men’s event of the 1st Beach Woodball Circuit in Buwama- Mpigi district on Sunday 13th February 2022.

It was a walk in the park for Byamukama who edged a strong field of competitors that had teammate Kanyesige Benison and Mutiibwa Robert from Makeere University Business School (MUBS). The pair tied on 39 strokes to finish second and third respectively.

“This is a great milestone and I’m really thankful to this event which has been unique of a kind. In most cases we’ve been playing under pressure, you play knowing by 1 or 2pm you have to leave the venue and have to play six gates for the doubles but this has been different,” Kwijuka told ChimpReports.

He added, “The competition was not threatening because I came well prepared. So I really enjoyed what I did, every shot I took and capitalized on my mistakes so I played according to my strategy.”

Kick-starting the year on a winning note is all that Byamukama wants to capitalize on so as to achieve his main objective of being crowned the Uganda Sports Press Association (USPA) best woodball player of the year.

“Personally, I always take time before the game and I strategize. So, I always come with a plan A and B, if the former fails, I resort to the latter. I had prepared for this, I came ready,

“I have personal score cards and every time I go for a game, I first score myself, so, I strategize and make sure that I have my worst either as a five or a four. So I come to play on that and make sure I don’t exceed my worst.

“This year is going to be big for me. My plan this year is play to my best, there’s an award that I want in my archive and I feel this year is the one I need to put it in my cabinet. I really need that MVP accolade, the USPA award and I’m really working upon that. The woodball MVP of the month and year.” He stated upon pocketing a lion’s share from the total prize kitty.

Byamukama recently won three beach woodball circuits in 2019 at Speenah Beach in Entebbe before COVID-19 pandemic derailed the championship for the next two years.

After clinching his fourth, he now sets sights on the Kyambogo Open due this coming Saturday and “hopefully I’m going to lay strategy on how I can attain that goal as well.”

Eminents’ Nalubega Joyce topped the senior women’s category with 39 strokes after 12 fairways. She was one better of Joan Mukoova and Athieno Mary.

Best 3 From Each Category

Seniors (Women

1. Nalubega Joyce (Eminents) – 39 strokes.
2. Joan Mukoova (Eminents) – 40 strokes
3. Athieno Mary – 40 strokes

Seniors (Men)

1. Byamukama Bridge (Ndejje Corporate) – 36 strokes
2. Kanyesige Benison (Ndejje Corporate) – 39
3. Mutiibwa Robert (MUBS) – 39 strokes

Team Event – Senior Women

1. Eminents – 175 strokes
2. MUBS – 200 Strokes
3. Ndejje University – 205 strokes

Team Event – senior Men

1. Ndejje Corporate – 167 strokes
2. Eminents – 170 strokes
3. MUBS – 172 strokes

Corporates Men

1. Ssemanda Joseph Collins (Stroke) – 41 strokes
2. Ssemata Raymond (Kisubi) – 46 strokes
3. Muheereza Africano (Kisubi) – 46 strokes

Corporates Women

1. Balemesa Justine (UNEB) – 44 strokes
2. Nandugwa Flaura (UNEB) – 45 strokes
3. Babirye Nalwoga (Kisubi) – 46 strokes

Corporate Teams – Men

1. Kisubi Corporate – 198 strokes
2. Bugema University – 203 strokes
3. UNEB – 225 strokes

Corporate Women

1. UNEB – 193 strokes
2. Bugema – 294 strokes

Men’s Doubles – Corporate

1. Ssemata Raymond/ Sekajigo Aloysius (Kisubi) 22 strokes

2. Ssemanda J. Collins (Stroke)/ Osire William (BOU) – 22 strokes

3. Mukisa Chrispus/ Mugisha Robert (Bugema) – 23 strokes

Women Doubles

1. Balesa Justine/ Ikiring Night rose (UNEB) – 24 strokes

2. Namubiru Aidah/ Mango Aisha (IUIU) – 29 strokes

Mixed Doubles – Corporate

1. Masiga Jackson/ Babirye Nalwoga (Kisubi) – 24 strokes

2. Kagere Aisha/ Mitala Nehemiah (UNEB) – 27 strokes

3. Muhereza A/ Namubiru .M. (Kisubi) – 27 strokes

Men Doubles – Seniors

1. Muwanguzi. I. /Opio Emma (Eminents) – 36 strokes

2. Byamukama Bridge/ Muwanguzi M (NCWC) – 40 strokes

3. Ssembuusi Edison/ Ssuuna Timothy (Digel) – 41 strokes


1. Nalubega Joyce/ Nambeguya Elizabeth (Eminents) – 44 strokes

2. Navubya Flavia (NCWC)/ Nagaba Charity (MUBS) – 46 strokes

3. Nassanga Tracy (Ndejje university)/ Nabaggala Sandra (NCWC) – 49 strokes

Mixed Doubles

1. Atamba Onesmus (NCWC)/ Namudde Sofie (Lady Woods) – 41 strokes

2. Adupo J./ Joan Mukoova (Eminents) – 41 strokes

3. Ssebugwawo William/ Naula Jacky (MUBS) – 44 strokes

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