November 25, 2020


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BUSTED! Evidence Of Kwadwo Sheldon Threatening To R$pe A Girl Pops Up (+DETAILS)

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When we tell people to be cautious of the kind of things they post on social media, they may think we are just disturbing their peace of mind. But what we are trying to do is help them to avoid future repercussions.

Well, as the beef between two of Ghana’s favorite comedians Kwadwo Sheldon and Teacher Kwadwo keeps on aggravating, more secrets keeps popping up.

Well, in a recent Twitter “fight” Kwadwo Sheldon slammed his colleague by referring to him as a pedophile among other unprintable names.

He went ahead to post screenshots of some some posts about rape and young girls Teacher had made in 2016, which made him lose a big contract with Huawei Ghana.

There is a popular Akan proverb that says that ” when you see your neighbors beard on fire, fetch water and put it under yours”. This simple implies that when your neighbor is in trouble, don’t laugh at him because it could be your turn next time.

Well, it seems Kwadwo Sheldon didn’t heed to this advice. While he was busily slamming Teacher Kwadwo for posting and joking about rape, he forgot that he (Kwadwo Sheldon) also posted similar joke in 2013 a day after Ghana’s independence.

There were so many things he could have posted about but he went to write on his Facebook page that ” there is nothing like Rape, it’s called surprise sex” for which he was slammed.

In a comment session on one of his posts too, he told a lady he was going to rape her.

Now that both Evidences are out, let he who is a saint cast the first stone!!

See a screenshot of his posts below;

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