Bushiris ‘must return to SA’ – or Hawks will seize their Centurion mansion

If the Bushiris were willing to bet their house on avoiding any legal action by escaping from South Africa, they’d be sweating right about now. The so-called ‘prophet’ and his wife were given a serious ultimatum by Hawks, who have told the couple that their multi-million rand home in Centurion will be seized unless they come back to Mzansi.

Hawks to seize Bushiris’ home in Centurion

The incredible development occurred on Monday afternoon. Hawks spokesperson Colonel Katlego Mogale told the media that a failure to return and face the music in their ongoing court case would cost them dearly. Already asked to forfeit their passports and bail fees, it seems the pair stand to lose much more than they initially bargained for:

“The Bushiris’ bail is cancelled thus forfeiting the R200 000 each which they had posted as bail. They will also forfeit their residence should they not present themselves at court on Thursday, 19 November 2020.” 

Katlego Mogale

How much is their home worth?

Rough estimates place the value of their Centurion mansions between R5 million – R6 million. The luxury pad has been owned by the property mogul for the past few years. But, given the scale of the charges both Mary and Shepherd Bushiri are facing (the fraud charges are worth more than R100 million), the South African state is looking to even the scores.

The case has all the hallmarks of the Ajay Gupta fiasco from 2018. The Indian billionaire was, somewhat inexplicably, allowed to escape the country after a warrant of arrest was issued in his name. As one of the architects of state capture, he hot-footed it out of South Africa and into Dubai. The Bushiris, now in Malawi, may be subject to extradition laws.

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