Burger King cook – who never missed work – gifted ‘cheap’ goodie bag

A Burger King employee, who never missed work in his 27 years of work – went viral this week after he was gifted a “goodie bag” by the fast-food restaurant.

The loyal cook and cashier had tweeps shocked after he revealed the unexpected gift for his long service.


Celebrating his 27 years of loyal service at Burger King Las Vegas, Kevin Ford revealed his gift from his bosses in a clip that went viral.

But the contents of the bag had the internet stunned. Inside the goodie bag was just one movie ticket, two boxes of candy, a pen, and a promotional mug.

According to TMZ, the value of the “gifts” for the 54-year-old star employee was a measly $27 (R430).

I dunno. This horrendously sad to me
…27 years…reeses pic.twitter.com/sb4GHZrh6s

— Born_Invincible (@IBC_Yoh) June 19, 2022

Speaking to the publication, Kevin Ford claimed that whilst he was “grateful” to Burger King for his job, his “gift” was “just stuff they had lying around”.

He said in a video clip: “I’m thankful for anything. It’s a great company”.

Ford confessed to being disappointed that his single movie ticket was not a cheque. “I thought I’m finally getting my cash”, he added sadly.

When asked what he would want to buy if he could afford anything, Ford replied: “I would be a new car…something cheap on gas and can get me around. But that’s a dream”.


But Kevin Ford’s embarrassing employee gift had tweeps seething in anger at Burger King clearly missing the mark.

Here is what tweeps had to say

@pigassaults: “50+ year-old man spending 27 years at Burger King and getting the same reward as a kid that aced a spelling bee in class is insanely depressing”

@Konrad1765: “F**k that, I would want a raise after all those years, not some makeshift gift bag”

@Cori25441610: “Pathetic. The fact he was grateful shows how beaten-down he is thanks to decades of corporate propaganda teaching ‘you should be grateful for the pennies billionaires allow you to have’”

@mymixtapez: “This is sad AF! He could have had his own franchise during that time. And I bet if he got sick tomorrow with no doctor’s note he would get reprimanded”

@SimplieTash: “Burger King needs they a** beat for gifting that man a bag of bulls**t for 27 years of service. That’s why I say f**k these jobs & move company to company and get your money”


@BurgerKing to this employee: pic.twitter.com/9D8LkyobFt

— a fucking idiot (@Imonaveryisland) June 22, 2022

Actor David Spade also reacted to the news, gifting the man with $5000. “Keep up the good work. 27 years” he messaged Ford in an Instagram DM. 

When Ford jokingly revealed he would finally be taking a day off from his Burger King job, the comedian replied: “Wait till 30”.

Tweeps have since created a GoFundMe page for the man.

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