Buloba Car Crash: Ulrich Mugamba’s Mother Decries Poor Emergency Services 

The family of three people who perished in the Buloba accident on Friday have decried poor emergency services in the country.

The deceased; Elly Mugamba, Tara Mugamba and Ulrich Mugamba perished, when a trailer rammed into their vehicle, a Toyota Harrier registration number UBH 008G at the Forest Park in Buloba, along Kampala-Mityana Road.

Elly and Tara were siblings while Ulrich (the driver) was their cousin.

A fourth occupant, Victoria Mugamba – Ulrich’s sisterm survived with severe injuries. She is fighting for her life in hospital. 

The deceased were laid to rest at their ancestral home in Fort Portal, Kabarole district on Monday. 

Addressing the mourners, Ulrich’s mother, Diana Mugamba said she was at Oasis Mall in Kampala when she got the news.

Diana was informed that the driver (Ulrich) had died while others had sustained life threatening injuries.

She then scrambled to coordinate the ambulances to rush the survivors to the hospital as she made her way to the scene. 

“When we got to the scene, there were lots of spectators. The car was there, I do not want to talk about the condition,” cried Diana.

“There was a boy who was running to the car, and he said the bodies are here. We take a look, and see them in their trousers, in their clothes under those seats on the patrol car. Ambulances had not arrived,” she narrated.

At that time, just like Ulrich, Tara and Elly had also breathed their last while Victoria, the fourth occupant and the only survivor had been rushed to a nearby clinic on a Bodaboda. 

“I was asking: where is the person who survived? Nobody was giving me information. Everybody was throwing their arms around. So somebody said, “I think there is a girl who had hair, she was taken on a boda to some clinic,’” Diana Mugamba narrated.

At this time, an ambulance had arrived.

“I got the ambulance driver and we drove and we found the surviving patient who was my daughter and everything else followed. She was gasping for breath,” recalled Diana.

“This is the same thing I myself have seen. Same thing. And there’s always this commotion. When is it going to change? So we need to think all of us together and say how can this be changed? How can there be quick action? Maybe people can be saved. Had we not even followed up with this one person [the survivor] she could bleed [and] anything could happen. That is one lesson learned,” she said. 

Ulrich who had finished his University education in Canada had returned to Uganda but was working remotely in Angola and Germany.

His mother said that Ulrich had an apartment in Bugolobi, but decided to stay with his parents. 

“He was very close to us,” said Diana.  

Diana described her son as an eligible bachelor who was looking out for someone to marry. 

“He was now an eligible bachelor who was looking out for somebody to marry. He was very calm. He was thinking of investing in his life, a serious investment. He would have a serious discussion with his cousin, Dennis. He was really growing up and he had become a very mature human being,” she added. 

Ulrich was an architect and had a strong bond with his mother. 

“He drew pictures, he drew my face until I was almost hiding. He drew cartoons. But this was all part of its development into the final architect that he became,” said the mother. 

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