‘Bullying behaviour’: Anita Lloyd body shaming Karen on ‘RHOWL’?

On the latest episode of the Real Housewives van die Wynlande (RHOWL), which aired on KykNet on Thursday 1 June, Anita Lloyd was accused of body shaming Karen Schwendtke after making a second comment on her stomach.

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Mariska Thorpe invited the ladies for a birthday celebration which included a game of bowls on the latest episode of the Real Housewives van die Wynlande (RHOWL). The ladies were all dressed in white. 

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Anita Lloyd made a joke about about Karen Schwendtke’s tummy that no one seemed to find funny. Mariska is pregnant and Anita told Karen that they will not be throwing her a baby shower.

“So, we’re not going to throw you a baby shower as well,” said Anita.

Karen Schwentke invites the ladies on a Kruger trip. Image: supplied.

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Michelle van Zyl was not impressed by Anita’s comment and noted that it was the second time she had mentioned Karen’s tummy.

“This is the second time Anita has mentioned Karen’s stomach. She also questioned her in Hoedspruit asking ‘how do we get your stomach flat again’? It’s turning into bullying behaviour,” said Michelle in a confessional.

“It is something she cannot change right now,” she continued.

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