Building a house at East Legon will be difficult for any Ghanaian actor- Ekow Smith Asante

Ekow Smith Asante has openly acknowledged that no Ghanaian actor can afford to acquire a home in the affluent East Legon neighbourhood given the unappealing pay permeating the halls of the Ghanaian film business.

The seasoned actor pointed out that due to the low pay in the industry, actors and actresses are unable to purchase homes in desirable areas like East Legon.

The financial challenges that actors and actresses in the industry face are numerous. According to Ekow Smith, it is difficult for actors and artists to build a home in East Legon since they rely on favours and gifts to live in such wealthy regions.

Contrary to popular opinion, he indicated that the money made by Ghanaian artists and actresses is insufficient to support an opulent lifestyle in an interview with Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom FM.

“I think building a house in East Legon would be difficult. It is very dicey because actors and actresses, for instance, get favours”, Ekow Smith shared.

He stressed that although actors might receive gifts from people in exchange for their parts in movies, it would take a long time to amass enough money without such backing.

He asked how much actors are paid, stressing the discrepancy with their Nigerian counterparts who are earning millions of dollars by approaching the field more commercially. Ekow Smith added that because the profession paid so little compared to Nigeria, many actors from his day were unable to engage in their skills.

He said;

Somebody can give me something because of my particular role in a movie. With gifts from people, it can support you to build, but I think it will take a very long time without it.

How much are you paid, GHc10, 000, Ghc20, 000, Ghc30, 000 or what? Nigerians are doing business and we are doing the show; that is why we don’t progress…that is the truth. The money we get can only display our show, not the business.” Mr Ekow Asante observed.

He pointed out that actors of his time have ventured into other businesses, such as operating restaurants, due to the industry’s inability to provide substantial financial returns.

“If you realize, many actors of my time are branching into their private businesses. Some are operating restaurants, among others. Who is investing in show business? Who? How many of us, I don’t know”, Ekow Smith Asante disclosed.

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