Broken youth! You are in your 20s and enduring violence in relationships?

A lot of young people put up with violence in their relationships hoping that one day their partner will change.

Women are the ones who are always on the receiving end of these beatings, they have to put up with violent men because they apparently think they can ‘repair’ them.

You are not a mechanic to start repairing broken men if someone wants to change then they will.

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Abuse is just like depression, it starts very small but if not handled explodes and this is where you now see the flags you ignored.

Idah Alisha, Kenyan actress based in USA was physically abused by her husband.

According to her in their first year of marriage, he behaved very well, then he started being violent.

One day he just slapped her and Idah told herself that maybe it was what she sed that made him angry, she forgave him.

This is where it starts, at no point should your man hit you for whatever reason, The worst thing you can do in this situation is forgiven him and move on, it’s a stupid move. The beatings will get worse with time.

Some stay in abusive relationships because they think they don’t have options. You are afraid of being alone so you get used to the battering.

Media personality and News Anchor Lilian Mulli left her marriage because her husband was abusive.

She posted ‘’…many of us stay in dysfunctional relationships because we are afraid of being alone we even get used to the abuse. Don’t allow yourself to become a victim you have options! Walk away!’’ Never limit yourself, there are a lot of men out here who want to treat you nice, you just have to look and with a bit of luck vuallah!

Don’t take the blame! If he is violent, then he is, if he wanted to stop he would have. Most women like to blame themselves whenever their husbands or boyfriends hit them.

They are like, ’maybe it’s the way I behaved yesterday, or maybe it’s the way I talked to him in the morning..’. Just stop! Blaming yourself for his shortcomings is just stupid, it is not love.

You will keep owning up on his behalf till one day he gives you a punch that you will never wake up from.

Alcohol doesn’t make anybody violent, that itch to hurt people you love is always in the blood. It is suppressed when you are sober, alcohol just gets you to let your guard down and that is when the cruel beast comes out.

JB Masanduku allegedly used to beat her wife Tina Kaggia after he got drunk. This made people think that alcohol was the reason. A beast is a beast, even when drunk.

Dear celebrities, stop with the publicity stunts, they are now redundant!

It’s always with the little things, insults here and there, unnecessary raising of voices and a sprinkle of hurtful words. Words will soon get harsher and when they seem not to hurt anymore, the battering starts.

This too can start with just ‘harmless’ pushes, but then grow to full punches. Most people wake up at this stage; I call it the full punch stage.

This is when she decides to pack and run! Few however delay and end up dead, yes people have died from abusive relationships.

Men get abused too, but women get it the most. Men get abused mostly because ‘there is nothing they can do’.

The current society rates men because of their money, if you don’t have dough then you are no man.

The few who decide to marry rich women to get to their success are the ones who are abused. Broke husband abused by a rich woman is a common headline.

We all want to be happy, content and stay winning. You deserve someone who will never think of hurting you, yes you do! Don’t stay in an abusive relationship just because you think you deserve it. Walk away at the slightest indication of violence, there will always be somebody for you.

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