December 4, 2020


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Breaking: Jacob Zuma storms out of the State Capture Inquiry

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History has repeated itself at the State Capture Inquiry on Thursday, as Jacob Zuma chucked his toys out of the pram and stormed out of the Commission hearing. Some 16 months after he first ditched the panel, the former president has pulled the same move. The drama unfolded shortly after his application for recusal was crushed by DCJ Raymond Zondo.

Breaking: Jacob Zuma abandons the State Capture Inquiry

The unprecedented developments have left the State Capture Inquiry and its advocates dumbfounded. The Commission has been adjourned until next week, after Zuma actively decided to ‘run away’ from proceedings. Msholozi was due to be questioned on Thursday and Friday, but that will no longer take place.

Full statement from Raymond Zondo:

“We return to the Commission under circumstances where Mr. Zuma has left, we have been told. He has been issued with a summons to be here from Monday until tomorrow, unless excused by me.”

“On Tuesday, his lawyers asked for a postponment… He has left today without asking me to be excused. This is a serious matter, but in terms of our plans, he was going to be asked to take the witness stand for the rest of the week.”

“It is a pity that he has elected to leave without asking for permission. There is no point for the Commission to sit for the rest of the day, nor shall we come tomorrow. He is not coming. We are going to adjourn, and reflect on the matters raised.”

Raymond Zondo