November 27, 2020


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Brackenfell: TV cameras catch EFF supporters assaulting crowd member

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A group of EFF supporters were caught red-handed on Friday, after several party followers were seen attacking a male in the audience during an address from Secretary-General Marshall Dlamini. Tensions have been at boiling point throughout the day in Brackenfell, as hundreds of protesters turned out in force.

Brackenfell violence bubbles over

The EFF’s anti-racism crusade – which was allowed to increase its capacity 500 ‘fighters’ on Friday – marched on a route through the Western Cape town. Counter-protesters have been denied the chance to stage their own demonstrations.

However, a white male in attendance found himself on the wrong side of the protesters. For reasons as-yet unestablished, he was pushed out of the way, before one attacker hits him from behind with an object in his hand. Several members then pile-in, before teargas is used to break up the scuffle. The man was escorted into a police van and taken to safety.

Watch: Spectator assaulted by EFF members

EFF in Brackenfell

This ugly flashpoint came as Dlamini issued an ultimatum to Brackenfell High School. The institution was accused of organising a ‘whites-only’ matric dance last month – but officials have strongly denied these claims.

The senior EFF member says the party has given the school seven days ‘to remove the teachers who attended the matric farewell event’, or further action will be taken.

“Our people must not be afraid of racists. If they come with violence, party supporters must retaliate with violence. We are no longer gonna be peaceful in our negotiations with them.

“The school must now remove the teachers who attended the matric farewell event – we’ll give them seven days to do so. If not, that high school will be the permanent residence of the EFF.”

Marshall Dlamini, EFF Secretary-General