Brackenfell: SAPS asked to investigate ‘one settler, one bullet’ threats

The DA has raised its heightened concerns over the scheduled protests in Brackenfell this Friday, after threats were allegedly made to the Western Cape community online. Alongside the EFF’s rising rhetoric, the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) now stands accused of taking things too far.

Brackenfell latest: ‘One settler, one bullet’ threats flagged

In their promotional material for a protest taking place on Wednesday 18 November, the PAC has used the highly controversial ‘one settler, one bullet’ phrase to whip-up support for their campaign.

SAPS asked to investigate PAC campaign

‘One settler, one bullet’ is a term used to drum up anti-white sentiment amongst other sections of South African society. Okkie Terblanche, the DA Shadow Deputy Minister of Police, says that SAPS must now monitor both the PAC and EFF if this sort of language is being employed to market this week’s looming protests in Brackenfell:

“The EFF has stated that they will [shut down Brackenfell]. This is a clear threat to intimidate and destabilise the region. While the EFF is well-versed in incitement to violence, as seen with their Clicks protests and in Senekal earlier this year, the PAC has now also joined the band-wagon, indicating that their members should ‘take up arms’.”

“Police Minister Bheki Cele must ensure that SAPS investigate both the PAC and the EFF for possible incitement to violence. The police have a responsibility to maintain law and order and to protect all learners’ rights to education. The PAC would do well to take heed and not buy into the perpetuation of race-baiting in an effort to buy relevance.”

Okkie Terblanche